Duo Feet


The Duo Feet footrest is designed to provide a firm yet flexible foundation for the feet, whilst relieving pressure from the legs and maintaining body balance.

Stockcode: DSDFEET Price: £88.00

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Height and tilt adjustable to provide support for feet, ankles and leg (70-140mm).

Stockcode: 455001 Price: £92.00

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Ergonomic height adjustable footrest for all working environments.

Stockcode: DS0303 Price: £125.00

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Height adjustable footrest raises and tilts for comfort and support. Surface tread offers great base for foot massage.

Stockcode: 779030 Price: £45.00

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Footrest - Tilt


Elevates feet to improve posture, circulation and comfort. Textured surface eases and soothes tired feet.

Stockcode: 779014 Price: £35.00

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Height and tilt adjustable natural wooden footrest. Allows for 75mm (3") of height adjustment for custom positioning.

Stockcode: FM300 Price: £59.00

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The FM300B offers built-in massage balls to rejuvenate tired feet. In addition it offers 75mm (3") height adjustment for custom positioning.

Stockcode: FM300B Price: £80.00

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Leg Support


Angle adjustable leg support cushion

Stockcode: LEGF/S20  Price: £375

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Height adjustable leg support (available with glide feet or castors).

Stockcode: FR15 Price: £82.00

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Tritt Boy


Adjustable platform to four heights (60-145 mm). Tilt adjustment to ensure maximum comfort.

Stockcode: 2116 Price: £23.00

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