The budget CPU holder is a fixed computer mount that will secure the CPU underneath the desk top. 

Stockcode: 32.312 Price: £55.00

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CPU Clamp


Heavy duty CPU Holder on wheels adjustable in width from 16 to 26 cm. Wheels are lockable to prevent unwanted movements of the PC. The ideal solution to get the valuable PC away from the ground and to easily move it in case of floor cleaning. 

Stockcode: 43902 Price: £13.95

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CPU Dolly


The perfect choice for a stand along CPU holder. The CPU Dolly automatically adjusts to CPUs of different sizes, and the optional pull handle makes moving hardware from one locatation to another a easy task.

Stockcode: CPUDLY Price: £68.00 

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CPU Stand


The stand is on four castors, of which two are lockable, and is adjustable in width. Made from sturdy steel. 

Stockcode: 32.470 Price: £24.00

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Designed to complement any environment with clean lines and elegant aesthetics, the CPU600 offers the quickest and easiest installation of any CPU holder on the market. CPU600’s under-the-desk position reduces cable clutter and promotes a longer life for CPUs by allowing hardware to stay cool and vent freely. 

Stockcode: CPU600 Price: £117.00

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Built to accommodate smaller CPUs.

Stockcode: CPU200 Price: £117.00

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