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Our Energy
Company story

Smartest Energy is part of the Marubeni Corporation of Japan. When they started trading in London, they operated within Marubeni’s Head Quarters building, but soon grew to a point where they needed their own premises. They moved in the early 2000,s to Dominion Street, taking their existing furniture with them.

Recent requirement

  • A major part of the brief was for a benching system that would allow for growth and re-configuration, as well as having excellent cable management.


  • The meeting rooms needed flexibility, whilst maintaining a suitably impressive “feel” and the reception area needed to reflect their status as a major player in the UK energy market.


  • As the profile of their business rose and staff numbers increased, Smartest needed to move in 2010, and having found a suitable building (Dashwood House) they selected DS ergonomics to provide their furniture solution.

We have worked closely with our partners, Elite Office Furniture whose Linnea benching we supplied,

The finished look and feel of the offices is excellent, all delivered on time and on budget, with the added bonus of short lead times for additional items.