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Our Humanitarian Organisation story

We have been working with one of the most influential volunteer-led humanitarian organizations in the world for some years now with our Ergonomic specialists regularly going to their offices to assess DSE Users and ensure their workstations are compliant and that their comfort levels at work are as good as they can be.

Recent requirement

  • The Facilities department were tasked with ascertaining the capacity of the Headquarters building
  • Would it be possible to use their space more efficiently and effectively?


  • Were they going to have to go through the disruption and upheaval of moving offices?


  • We were invited to complete surveys of each floor and produce CAD plans to illustrate the maximum capacity given the available space ( we did not charge for this service).
  • We demonstrated that staff numbers could be increased by updating the desking configuration from the existing ā€œLā€ shaped workstations to a benching system
  • A cost proposal was produced and approval gained to start the re-furnishing process, and to minimize the disruption to operations the installation was completed over a weekend.

Whilst there were cost implications in terms of purchasing new furniture, this was fair more preferable to the alternative of moving the whole Headquarters to a new building.

We have worked closely with our partners, Elite Office Furniture whose Linnea benching we supplied, and Humanscale, whose M2 monitor arms have been fitted to each workstation.

The result is a space efficient, modern, ergonomic layout which has been warmly received by staff and management.