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Our Marketing Agency story

We worked with a leading international advertising agency to install bench desking throughout their London office.

Recent requirement

  • One issue they have is the height of the desks cannot be altered sufficiently enough for tall people.
  • They also have people with musculoskeletal requirements who wish to alternate between sitting and standing to work


  • They did not necessarily want to change the furniture and layout of office or incur huge extra costs
  • Could they find a creative and versatile solution?


  • The frame on our electric height adjustable desk expands between 1000mm to 1000mm. This allows it to be adjusted to fit inside the frame of their existing furniture.
  • When the company require a sit/stand desk it is assembled in our warehouse and delivered, normally outside office hours to reduce “office down time” where it is positioned under the desk that needs replacing and raised to support the existing desk top.
  • That desk top is then freed from the existing frame and secured to the new sit/stand frame..
  • If, for some reason the company need to revert to the existing desk, the electric frame is lowered and the top re-attached to the original one.
  • The electronic frame can then be removed and used in another location.