Rohde and Grahl

Rodhe and Grahl manufacture a wide range of quality ergonomic meeting room furniture.

Produced in Germany, Rodhe and Grahl's products emphasise innovation and design, ergonomics and wellness.

Rohde and Grahl - Meeting Room Furniture

  • Rohde and Grahl Xiro X

    Xiro X

    A design-orientated elegant furniture system made from first-class materials. The conference tables with quartzite metallic surfaces or exclusive natural inlays feature an amazing look through the use of inlaid tops …

  • Rohde and Grahl Conform


    A desk program with a variety of designs, colours and options. Whether for meetings or conferences, sitting or standing work, conform creates a pleasant base for effective and relaxed communication…

  • Rohde and Grahl Flexus


    Meetings, training and conferences are integral parts of the modern working world. Flexus offers representative and flexible environments for planned or spontaneous communications…