Dynamobel Storage Furniture

Dynamobel are an independent dynamic European manufacturer capable of providing their own, distinctive, integral response to the entire set of office components (partitions, floors, ceilings, chairs and furniture).

With an ethos to provide designers with the chance to create the work place of the future the goal at Dynamobel is to evolve as part of your business needs, delivering a motivated, professional organisation committed to providing agile, flexible responses.

Dynamobel Storage Furniture

  • T-Box

    T-box uses a system of stacking modules to meet storage needs. The four versions of configuration allow for personalized sets with different functions within the same configuration…

  • Plenum

    Plenum represents the complete filing solution; cabinets, blocks and files are grouped within the same series and provide an answer to all office filing needs in a comprehensive manner…

  • Top

    Top represents Dynamobel's tallest range of cabinets and blocks, delivering a perfect balance between form and function…