BMA Ergonomics Seating

The BMA VDU chair is unique. It is a synthesis of ergonomics, biomechanics and design in a number of versions.

Correct support of the back and arms is essential in order to avoid static forces being exerted during seated work. The patented mechanical movement in our chairs support and relax the back, neck and arms in every position, while the feet are kept in contact with the floor at all times.

Practice has proven by now that the BMA Ergonomics VDU chair is very successful and essential in the battle against absenteeism through illness.

BMA Chairs

  • A perfect balance of ergonomics, function and style. Suitable for reading, writing and working with VDUs. Features remarkable adjustability, ideal for today‚Äôs demanding working environment.

  • With great ergonomic comfort and ease of operation, it is especially suitable for a combination of computer work, reading and writing. Gets your entire office organisation sitting just right…

  • The executive chair that sets itself apart from the other models by its thicker cushions, higher back with adjustable pelvic support, luxury finish and an optional headrest.

  • With a range of customisable features, Axia Air can be deployed at a variety of workplaces and is made to suit practically every individual.

  • BMA Axia Smart Chair

    Axia Smart Chair

    The chair monitors a user's seated posture and provides feedback where necessary. This stimulates greater awareness and results in improved posture and fitter users.