Sail Chair

The new Sail chair range from Nowy Styl incorporates their "Glide-Tec" technology.

This means that you are always supported and in a comfortable ergonomic working position when you move in your seat.

The Sail chair can be individually equipped for any owner with its many variations and options. Each model variation is optionally available with the most varying furnishings such as cushion pad in many fabrics and colours, height-adjustable headrest, firm and functional armrests, seat depth adjustment, seat tilt adjustment, unique “CatBack” function, height and depth-adjustable lumbar support and much more…

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Benefits of the Glide-Tec mechanism:

  • Better working - The hands remain at the work place
    • Regardless of whether you are reclining or sitting upright: Your hands remain in contact with the writing surface or keyboard in any position. Glide-Tec keeps you moving and simultaneously facilitates comfortable working in any sitting position.
  • Promote healthy movement
    • Your back needs movement - also while sitting. Glide-Tec enables movement while sitting and supports your back in any sitting posture.
  • Better relaxing - Glide-Tec prevents muscle tension
    • With Glide-Tec you remain fit - even at the end of a long working day in a seated position.
    • Regardless of which sitting posture you prefer our innovative seating technology actively prevents muscle tension.
    • The neck is not over extended and always remains relaxed.

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