S-Board 840 Ergonomic Keyboard

With a laptop, net book or ipad to hand we are free to work almost anywhere. But that makes us equally free to working in a manner that is frankly bad for us. We all know that, quite literally, mobile working can be a real "pain in the neck".

The S-Board 840 by Bakker Elkhuizen is the perfect keyboard for mobile working. Check out this video and keep reading below to see why we think so.

Benefits of the S-Board 840:

  • Handy: Comes with multimedia keys and 2 USB ports (USB hub)
  • Optimal layout: Extra wide space-bar and user-friendly positioned arrow keys
  • Mobile: Just 2 cm thick and lightweight
  • Ergonomic: Pleasurable typing feeling (shear mechanism instead of membranes)

Did you know?

Compact keyboard (keyboards without separate numeric keys at the right side) decrease the reach distance to the mouse, decrease the strain on the underarms and are found to be more comfortable than standard keyboards.

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S-Board 840
S-Board 840
S-Board 840
S-Board 840