Flex-Top 270 Notebook Stand

Bakker Elkhuizen's Flex-Top 270 is an award winning Notebook stand that is ingenious and portable.

Recent scientific studies in the Netherlands and Sweden have shown that working with a laptop stand in combination with a external keyboard and mouse results in: 17% increased productivity, 21% increased comfort and 32% decreased neck torque (Lindblad 2003).

Benefits of the Flex-Top 270:

  • 7 different height settings: height range at back: 9-22 cm
  • Truly integrates ergonomics: attaching Flex Top to your laptop
  • Lightweight: only 380 grams
  • Money saver: no external monitor is needed and desk space is saved
  • Award winning design: Ergonomics Excellence Award

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Flex-Top 270
Flex-Top 270
Flex-Top 270
Flex-Top 270