Agile Notebook Stand

Winner of the 2014 FIRA Ergonomic Excellence Award.

Suitable for most 15” laptops.

Not just another laptop stand! This is your ergonomic interface between you and your laptop. Agile affixes to your laptop stand to ensure you are never without your ergonomic solution.

The Agile laptop stand from the Ergonomic Cafe fits almost any 15” laptop, and can be transferred to another laptop easily. This innovative product boasts 2 impressive benefits for its user.

 Whilst typing, position the laptop and Agile stand at the front of the desk.

Benefits of the Agile:

  • Fits ANY make and model of 15" laptop.
  • Folds flat for easy transportation
  • Extremely lightweight just 225 gramms
  • 1 typing setting at 22°
  • 4 angle settings from 26° to 56°.
  • Compactly folds to just 3.6mm and weight just 225 grams!

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Agile Notebook Stand
Agile Notebook Stand
Agile Notebook Stand